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Prisoner of Franco

Interactive story as a prisoner of the Franco Regime

Published onApr 25, 2023
Prisoner of Franco

This is a point-and-click/choose-your-own adventure game based on the prisoner experiences after the Spanish Civil War. This game is largely based on the testimony of Marcos Ana, who was the longest serving political prison once the war ended.

There are four “endings” that are possible, though there are many choices you can make throughout the story. Feel free to replay, but another option is to use the back arrow in the left upper corner of the screen. This returns you to the prior screen.

Below is the link to take you to the full website experience if desired:

Andrea Davis:


I think this is an ingenious approach to the testimony that helps your readers understand how difficult it was to navigate survival in the context of the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. I also like how you use some of the imagery from the testimony, such as Marcos Ana’s account of the almond trees. With the editing you note, I think this will be good to go!